How to Whiten Teeth at Home and Save Tons of Money – The Top 3 Solutions

How to whiten teeth at home

Congratulations on taking your first step towards achieving whiter teeth from your home.

You have came to the right place.  With so many options, so many products offering empty promises, and so many “knock off” products on the market, figuring out how to whiten teeth at home can become confusing and frustrating to say the least.

Don’t worry though, we have done all of the work for you and have weeded through all of the junk solutions out there.  We have narrowed it down to 3 of the best at home teeth whitening solutions for you to choose from.

You have landed here because you are probably experiencing one or a few of the following …

  • You are experiencing loss of confidence/insecurities due to your stained teeth.
  • You want professional like results, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars at the dentist to get your perfect smile.
  • You are hesitant to smile or afraid to look at certain people because you feel like everyone is staring at your yellow/stained teeth.  You cover your mouth with your hand a lot etc …
  • The condition of your teeth may be affecting your dating life. (FACT: Teeth are the #1 thing people take into consideration when choosing a dating partner)
  • You want whiter teeth for an upcoming important event such as a wedding, party, reunion etc …

All of the above is perfectly normal, so don’t beat yourself up too bad, we got you covered and will have you a solution that fits your needs by the end of this article, just read on.

In a hurry and just want to know how to whiten teeth at home?  Here is a quick breakdown of the top 3 at home teeth whitening solutions.  We will go into much more detail below in the reviews.

Crest 3D Professional Effects with 1hr express – these are one of the best and most powerful whitening strips on the market.  These strips are very effective and can remove even the toughest stains.  Check out some of the 9,000+ reviews at Amazon.  (TIP: Make sure you get the package that comes with the bonus 1HR express treatments.  We have only found these online at the link above.)

Whiter Smile Labs Professional Teeth Whitening Kit for Home – the same kit dentists sell at 5-7 times the cost.  Now you can purchase this from Amazon at the link above and pay a fraction of the cost by cutting the dentist out.  This is truly a professional grade kit that comes with custom fitted mouth trays made in a FDA certified dental lab (not the generic boil and bite mouth trays found in other kits).  This is the real deal, learn more at the link above or our review below.

Teeth Whitening 4 You All Natural Homemade Whitening Solution – this is for someone who wants to whiten their teeth using 100% safe and natural ingredients.  This solution shows you exactly how to make the most powerful teeth whitening solutions using ingredients found in your home right now and is 100% safe.  This will literally allow you to whiten your teeth for pennies from the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to learn more about each of the 3 home teeth whitening solutions above, read our in depth reviews on each below.

After all, flashing that bright white celebrity smile, is a heck of a lot more attractive than shying away from the camera due to yellow or stained teeth (aren’t selfies what its all about these days anyway??).

Well, the good news is that you do not need to spend thousands of dollars and multiple dentist visits in order to achieve that celebrity smile.  Learning how to whiten your teeth at home can provide you with the same professional results that you would get in a dentist office for a fraction of the cost and time.

Before we jump into the in depth reviews, lets talk a little about the effects that yellow or stained teeth can have as well as some major benefits of having white teeth.

Stained Teeth are More Damaging Than You Think!

So you’re stuck with yellow teeth and can’t stand the thought of showing them to the world?yellow teeth

You are afraid to smile and when you do you put your hand over your mouth or turn your head down.

Your self confidence is taking a beating, and you are downright embarrassed.

Well you are not the only one experiencing these dreadful feelings. Teeth whitening is a 14 billion dollar a year industry and is becoming more and more popular.

After all, your smile is your billboard to the public and those around you.  It is often the first thing someone notices and is your opportunity to show them that you take great care of your pearly whites.

Flashing a dingy, yellow smile gives off the impression that you do not take the time to take care of your teeth and that you do not care about your appearance.  In return, this leads some to believe that you might be sloppy in other areas of your life, such as your home life.

Some of the personal negative effects of having yellow/stained teeth include:

Loss of confidence
Insecurities about how others view you
Afraid to smile
Afraid to date
Feeling like everyone is staring at your stained teeth

And unfortunately, when it comes to dating, the stats support your lack of self esteem resulting from your stained teeth.

A recent study by, the popular online dating site revealed that as many as 71% women judged a man based on his teeth.  And females, don’t think you’re off the hook, because guys pay just as much attention to your teeth as well.

Yikes! That’s a number that is simply too large to ignore!

Besides dating, there is similar proof that a bad smile can also ruin your chances of landing your dream job.

A survey by Kelton Research, an independent research firm, has found that people are at least 58% more likely to get a job and 53% more likely to be offered an increase in salary if their teeth are whiter.
whiten teeth at home

Benefits of Learning How to Whiten Teeth at Home

Whether it be a job interview or a first date, having bright white teeth is one of the best ways to make a good first impression appearance wise.

A great looking smile is memorable and can leave a lasting impression on the interviewer.

It exhibits good hygiene and shows that you are well taken care of.

Having a nice white smile not only shows that you care and take good care of you teeth, but it also demonstrates that you probably take good care of the rest of your body and are probably a clean person all around from your teeth to your body to your home.

People employed in professions such as sales and marketing where social skills, smiling, meeting and talking to new clients are a must, having white teeth is going to have a big impact.

Odds are someone with a nice white smile that looks well taken care of has a much better chance of landing a new client or that large sale when up against someone with an ugly yellow smile.

This may seem shallow, but trust the facts, this is just how it is out in the real world.

The role that our smile plays in our daily social lives cannot be emphasized enough.

The good news is that if you use one of the solutions we talk about below, you will achieve whiter teeth fast allowing you to take advantage of these benefits and allow your confidence to soar.

On top of the social benefits, here are some of the key benefits of whitening your teeth at home…

Save a lot of money – using teeth whitening strips, kits, or natural methods will allow you to whiten your teeth for a fraction of what it costs to have them whitened professionally.

In your home convenience – these methods allow you to achieve your dream smile from the comfort of your own home.  This is a time saver and allows you to whiten your teeth while laying in the bath tub or catching up on your favorite tv show.

Professional whitening results – the solutions we have suggested have the ability to give you results that you would see from professional teeth whitening minus the dent to your bank account.

Short application time – the amount of time for each treatment is usually 20-30 minutes as opposed to wasting hours of your time on multiple visits to your dentist office.

Easy to use – all 3 home teeth whitening solutions we suggest are very easy to use with step by step instructions included if needed.

Now that we have discussed some of the effects that stained teeth can have and the benefits of having white teeth, lets jump into the reviews on 3 of the best home whitening solutions.

 Teeth Whitening Kit for Whitening Teeth at Home

zero peroxide teeth whitening

Teeth whitening kits can be tricky, because some of them are pure junk.

You should look for something that truly is professional grade, something that has comfortable mouth trays, something that you do not need to leave on for hours or overnight, and something that is not a cheap imitation product (these are becoming pretty common).

A teeth whitening kit that checks all of those boxes is the Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit.

What you get: 

A dentist approved, professional grade at home teeth whitening kit that includes 2 tubes of their uniquely formulated whitening gel that is 100% safe and is designed to absorb into your tooth’s enamel for whitening effects that can last up to 2 years.

You also get a comfortable mouth tray and holder, you get a travel bag, you get a whitening pen for on the go quick touch ups before a party or social event.  You get a tooth shade chart so you can track your progress along the way, and finally you get their LED accelerator light which speeds up your results and is used by dentists all over.

Ease of use: 

This kit is pretty easy to use.  You simply put one small bead of their special gel on the bottom mouth tray as well as the top.  Place the tray in your mouth and let the gel cover and absorb into your teeth.  You then simply apply the LED accelerator light to the outside of the mouth tray and wait 20 minutes.

Expected results: 

On average, you can expect to see results in 3-7 days, however in some rare cases people have reported results after just one single treatment, but I wouldn’t count on that being the norm.  Tougher stains may take a little longer, but 99% of stains should be gone after the first cycle (which is 6-8 days).  The results from this kit seem to stick longer than the results from the whitening strips due to their specially formulated whitening gel.

Their gel was engineered with lasting results and safety in mind, so you do not need to worry about sensitivity, or any harm due to chemicals.

What people love about Zero Peroxide:

  • High quality whitening kit.
  • This is a professional dentist grade kit that would cost $500-800 in a dentist office.
  • Special powerful whitening gel that is 100% safe and chemical free.
  • Zero sensitivity issues.
  • Longer lasting results (up to 2 years).
  • Quick touch up pen for on the go.
  • Dentist approved.
  • LED accelerator light.
  • Comfortable no mess mouth tray.
  • Only takes 20 minutes.
  • Tooth shade chart for tracking results.

Cons of Zero Peroxide: 

  • Can only be purchased online from their official site.
  • A little higher price, but the long lasting results make up for this and when compared to dentist office prices, it’s not that bad considering everything you get.

The Verdict on Zero Peroxide: 

This is a good, professional at home teeth whitening kit that provides good results for a fraction of the cost.  This kit is for someone who is a little more health conscious and wants to whiten their teeth safely with longer lasting results.

For the time being they are also offering a large discount and free shipping which is always a bonus!


One important note to consider: 

There are more and more “imitation” products entering the teeth whitening marketplace.  In order to avoid getting a rip off or generic version of this kit, it is highly advised that you go straight to their official website below.

Click Here for the Zero Peroxide Official Site and get a Large Discount along with Free Shipping

DIY at Home Teeth Whitening Solution

whiten teeth at home fast

Teeth Whitening 4 You is a DIY all natural teeth whitening solution that has helped people achieve whiter teeth using recipes that are made right in your own home for pennies.

Lucy Bennett, the creator of this teeth whitening guide is a former dental nurse, who got sick and tired of seeing people being ripped off with the costs of professional teeth whitening.

Lucy set out on a journey to come up with a much cheaper and safer solution, and the finished product is Teeth Whitening 4 You.

She has made it very easy for you to draw up a plan of what to do in order to both whiten up your teeth, and also avoid getting them stained again once they are white.

What you get with Teeth Whitening 4 You: 

Once you make you one time payment, the DIY teeth whitening guide will be immediately delivered to your email address so you can get started right away.  In this guide you get powerful natural recipes/treatments that when mixed properly and used along side her 7 day plan, will remove stains and whiten your teeth.

You get a 7 day step by step teeth whitening schedule put together by Lucy.  In addition to the recipes, she also lets you in on ancient herbal remedies that  whiten your teeth along with 1 common kitchen ingredient that whitens your teeth even faster.  In addition, you get information on how to prevent your teeth from becoming stained once you get them white.

Ease of use:

This guide is easy to use, not only does it show you exactly step by step how to whiten your teeth, it shows you exactly how to maintain and keep your teeth white permanently.

All you have to do is follow exactly what Lucy tells you to in the 7 day whitening plan.

Those who are wearing braces can also use Lucy’s methods as they are 100% completely safe.


This method is very cheap.  There is a one time fee for the guide, but after that you will be whitening your teeth for pennies.  All natural and 100% safe to use.  Shows you how to keep your teeth white permanently.  You can use these methods as much as you want, there is no harm or sensitivity.  Lucy shows you how to make the most powerful homemade teeth whitening mixtures.


It takes a little longer to see results, but knowing you are saving thousands of dollars in the long run and having the comfort of knowing that you are not harming yourself can make it worth it in the long run.

The Verdict:

This is the cheapest and safest method of teeth whitening.  This solution is for someone who might be a little low on money and does not need results immediately, as this solution will take a little longer as mentioned.

In addition, this is for someone who is very health oriented and someone who does not want to deal with sensitivity issues or use chemicals to whiten their teeth.

Finally, it is for someone who likes to follow plans and is interested in DIY whitening and mixing up their own recipes by following the guide.

For the time being, Lucy is including $108 worth of free bonuses when you purchase her teeth whitening guide.

The free bonuses include:

Dental Care & Hygiene 4 You
Bad Breath No Longer
Lifetime Updates Guaranteed
Customer Support from Lucy Herself

The guide also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you get it and for some reason are not into this method of whitening your teeth, you have 60 days to get your money back.

Click Here to Access Teeth Whitening for you and Receive Your Free Bonuses

Teeth Whitening Strips for Whitening Your Teeth at Home

crest professional effectsTeeth whitening strips have been around for years, and over those years there is one brand that dominates this market.

If you are looking to whiten your teeth using strips, then Crest’s line of whitening strips is going to be a good choice.

They have tons of different options, with different prices, different # of treatments, and the results you get from each are definitely different.

One of the best whitening strips are the Crest 3D Professional Effects with 1hr express.

TIP: Make sure you get the package that comes with 2 treatments of 1hr express as shown above (I notice it is hard to find this package in stores, seems to be just online).

How many treatments do you get?

The number of treatments you get in this package is 20 plus 2 treatments of the 1hr express. There will be one strip for your top row of teeth and one for your bottom row of teeth.

East of use:

These strips are extremely easy to use. You simply place the correct strip to the correct row of teeth and let them on for 30 minutes. They are made with Crests no slip grip, so once in place, the strips will not slide around or fall off, unlike some other brands.

Expected results:

You can expect to see results after 3-6 days of treatment. For me personally, I saw results after 3-4 treatments.

The 2 treatments of 1hr express are for those times you need a quicker fix. For example, you have a wedding tomorrow and you realize that you would like your teeth to be whiter. Simply put the 1hr express on for an hour and off you go. They are very powerful treatments designed to remove years of stains in just one hour.  They are NOT meant for daily use.

Pros of the Crest 3D professional effects strips:

Pretty fast results, stay in place very well, remove the toughest of stains, professional results from home, 1hr express bonus.


A little pricey, can cause some sensitivity although it usually goes away after a few hours, have to treat your teeth every few months, uses chemicals to whiten your teeth.

The Verdict:

Overall these strips are a great way to whiten your teeth at home with professional looking results. The price is a little high, but when compared to professional treatments at your dentist, it really isn’t that bad.

These are for someone who is not concerned about sensitivity issues and not worried about using chemicals to whiten their teeth.  They are also for those who have badly stained teeth and is looking to achieve results as soon as possible.

Click Here to go to Amazon for More Info and Reviews on the Crest 3D Professional with 1HR Express

If you are interested in other good whitening strips, check out our review of the 3 best teeth whitening strips here.

Now that you have 3 solid at home teeth whitening solutions, lets discuss why your teeth get stained and what you can do to try to reduce staining.

Why Do Teeth Go Dark in the First Place?

Before I show you how to whiten teeth at home, it’s of course important for you to understand why your teeth stain in the first place.

Your teeth are essentially made up of 4 things …

  • Enamel – which is the strong white outer material that protects your teeth
  • Dentin – which is a hard yellow material that supports the enamel and has nerve and blood vessels
  • Pulp – which is at the center of all your teeth and has blood and lymph nodes in it, and finally
  • Cementumwhich covers the root of your teeth

As you might have already guessed, enamel and dentin play the biggest roles as far as the color of your teeth goes.

Certain foods and drinks have the propensity to erode or stain the enamel. As the enamel begins to break down, the yellower dentin beneath it begins to show.

Foods such as tea, coffee, wine, carbonated beverages, and those items that are rich in acidic content such as oranges and lemon can have a bad effect on your teeth.

Of course, we also lose enamel as a natural part of the aging process; however this can be contained to a certain degree with good oral hygiene practices.

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