Best Teeth Whitening Kits for 2019- Must Read In Depth Reviews

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Having trouble deciding which teeth whitening kit you should buy?  You have landed at the right place, because in a minute we are going to be reviewing 3 of the best teeth whitening kits on the market today.

Finding a good teeth whitening kit can be hard.  With so many knock-offs and whitening kits that give false claims, it can be easy to find yourself purchasing a kit that does not work as you hoped.

This is why it is important that you do your research before purchasing, which we have done for you.  The last thing you want to do is waste your money on a product that does not produce the results that you desire.

If you are in a rush, here is a quick look at 3 of the best teeth whitening kits on the market (we will go into much more detail below in the review sections)

#1.  Whiter Smile Labs Professional Whitening Kit – professional grade, made in a FDA certified dental lab in the USA, dentist quality custom fitted mouth trays made in a dental lab, 3-4 full treatment cycles of premium high intensity whitening gel (each cycle lasts 5-7 days).  Extremely low priced for the quality and everything you get (over 50% off right now).

#2.  Glo Science Brilliant Personal Whitening Kit – most technological advanced whitening kit, uses unique patent pending technology, nice looking sleek design, ZERO sensitivity issues, mouthpiece and case, travel bag, charging dock, most report 5 or more shades whiter in 5 days.

#3.  Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening Kit Over 10 million customers, special whitening gel designed for longer lasting results than usual, short application time, easy to use, professional results, must be used with mouth trays (like the one below we suggest, or one from your dentist).

Before we dive into the reviews, we first want to talk about the benefits of using a teeth whitening kit as well as what to look for in a good teeth whitening kit.

The Benefits of using a Teeth Whitening Kit

Here is a quick rundown of the top benefits from using a teeth whitening kit.

Money savings – using a teeth whitening kit to whiten your teeth is going to save you a ton of money when compared to professional, in office teeth whitening procedures.  Also, since the results tend to last longer, it will save money as opposed to whitening strips which will have to be purchased more often to keep your teeth white.

Do it at home – you can whiten your teeth right from the comfort of your own home and get excellent results as if your teeth were professionally whitened.

Professional results – the best teeth whitening kits can produce professional results at a fraction of the cost and hassle.  Professional teeth whitening can cost thousands of dollars and require multiple visits to the dentist office.

Less sensitivity issues than strips – In many cases, using a whitening kit will produce less sensitivity than using whitening strips.  In some cases there is zero sensitivity.

Whitens entire tooth – unlike whitening strips, a good whitening kit will whiten your entire tooth, even the creases in between each tooth.

Easy to use – most whitening kits are very easy to use and have no mess.  And again, you can do it all from your own home while watching your favorite tv show.

What to Look for in a Good Teeth Whitening Kit

Professional quality – you want to look for something that is high quality.  It is not a good idea to buy a kit that costs $10 and expect to see amazing results.

Another reason to look for high quality whitening kits is the quality of the whitening agent.  A lot of teeth whitening kits use cheap, foreign made gels in order to put more money in their pocket.  The problem with these cheap whitening gels is that they often cause extreme sensitivity, burn your gums, and can cause other harm to your health.

Professional grade kits cost a little more, but is well worth it in the end.

Positive reviews or testimonials – make sure the whitening kit has mostly positive reviews from those who have used it.  Read through the reviews to get a good sense of how well the product will work and its quality.

Custom fitting trays – this ties into the professional grade above.  If the kit comes with a tray, make sure it is custom fitting, meaning it molds snug to your teeth.  If not, they will be very uncomfortable and the whitening job will not be as good.

Money back guarantee – look for a money back guarantee.  Any company who is putting out a solid teeth whitening product that works, should have no problem offering a money back guarantee.

Short application time (no overnight) – look for a whitening kit that requires an application time of 45 minutes or less.  Avoid purchasing kits that require you to wear a mouth piece overnight.

Watch out for result guarantees – nothing is guaranteed, so if a company is guaranteeing certain results, then we advise you to steer clear.  Let the reviews of people who have used the product talk and tell you how well the results are, not the company who just wants to put money in their pocket.

After seeing all of the knock off and junk products out there, we began to research and look for the best teeth whitening kits that actually work and are not a waste of your money.

We have come up with 3 of the best teeth whitening kits that will keep you from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on professional cleaning/bleaching jobs. 

The teeth whitening kit reviews below reveal 3 solid choices that have produced proven results, are high quality, and are professional like kits for home usage.

3 of the Best at Home Teeth Whitening Kits

It is time to dive into our teeth whitening kit reviews so that you can decide which kit is the best fit for you situation.

Whiter Smile Labs Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

whiter smile labs

This is our pick for the #1 best teeth whitening kit on the market.  It is a professional grade teeth whitening kit that is dentist and FDA approved. This kit is sold by dentists at 5 times the cost, but now you can purchase it online (see link below review) for a fraction of the price by cutting out the dentist!

Whiter Smile Labs has the most accurate fitting mouth tray on the market. You will receive instructions on how to make the mold for your mouth tray. You then use the included shipping label to ship your mold to their FDA certified dental lab, where they use state of the art equipment to make your custom fitted mouth tray. They will then ship your tray to you so you can begin whitening your teeth.

This kit comes with a high quality and powerful whitening gel that is made in their USA dental lab. With the kit you receive 3-4 full treatment cycles. One treatment cycle is 5-7 days, so you get 21-28 days worth of whitening gel. Customers have seen their teeth whiten 7-10 shades with just one 5-7 day treatment cycle.

before after

Benefits of the Whiter Smile Labs Whitening Kit

Custom Fitted Mouth Tray – made in a FDA certified dental lab, these are the best/most accurate and most comfortable fitting mouth trays you will find in a teeth whitening kit. The perfect fit means less gel used and an even layer of gel across whole tooth. You will also notice that this allows the areas between your teeth, all sides, and even back of your teeth to become whiter.

High Quality USA Dental Lab Made Whitening Gel – the company only ships fresh 38% high intensity, premium Carbamide Peroxide gel. Often times company’s will use gel made in foreign countries that is outdated, much less effective, not FDA approved, and potentially harmful.

Short Treatment Time – one whitening cycle only takes 5-7 days, and it only takes 20-30 minutes each day.

100% Money Back Guarantee – Whiter Smile Labs stands behind their teeth whitening kit and have a money back guarantee.

Free and Fast Shipping – shipment of the kit is fast and free. Shipping you tray mold to the lab and back is also free.

No Sensitivity – their high quality gel produces no sensitivity, which is a nice bonus.

Dentist and FDA Approved – as we mentioned this is the same kit sold by dentists at a fraction of the price. You can also be assured that everything supplied is of the highest quality.

Can Purchase Replacement Gel – once you use all of the gel provided with the kit, you can just buy the replacement gel syringes and use them with your mouth tray when you want to whiten your teeth again.

The Bottom Line

This is one of the highest quality and best teeth whitening kits you can buy. From the custom fitting and comfortable mouth tray to the powerful, high intensity, premium whitening gel, this is an excellent choice for someone looking to remove years of stains from their teeth.
This teeth whitening kit also comes with a very attractive price tag when you consider everything you get.

This kit has received raving reviews and has helped thousands of people finally get that bright white smile they have dreamed of.

Here are a few reviews from those who have used this teeth whitening kit…

whiter labs reviews

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Glo Science Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Kit

glo science teeth whitening kit

This award winning teeth whitening kit is the most technological advanced of the whitening kits we recommend. It was created by renowned dentist Dr. Johnathan Levine and uses a cutting edge technology that is not found in any other whitening kits.

The device uses bright blue led lights, as we have all seen before, but in addition it adds a heat element to the mouthpiece, which intensifies the whitening of your teeth.

glo science mouth piece

This kit promotes ZERO sensitivity, and even customers who have extremely sensitive teeth and who have tried everything, have reported there is in fact no sensitivity issues at all. If you have sensitive teeth and want professional results, then the Glo Science Brilliant teeth whitening kit is for you.

What you get with this teeth whitening kit

Included with this whitening kit is the sharp, sleek, and modern looking mouthpiece system. This consists of the battery portion, the cord, and the actual mouthpiece that includes bright blue leds as well as the heating element.

You also get a mouthpiece case, a travel bag for on the go, a usb cable, and a charging dock.

Finally, you get 10 G-vials of whitening gel along with their special Glo lip care to protect your lips while whitening.

The G-vials make applying the whitening gel easy, accurate, and effective with no mess. Each vile has a brush tip, so you just have to squeeze a little bit of gel out to the brush tip and brush in onto your teeth. Each G-vial contains one day worth of treatment, so you get 10 days total. When you run out and want to whiten your teeth again, all you need to do is buy some g-vial refills.

g vial

The whitening gel stays on your teeth well and does not get all through your mouth or all over your gums, and as we mentioned above, the gel causes no sensitivity issues, even on those who have very sensitive teeth.

How to use this kit

You should use this kit for 5 consecutive days for about 32 minutes a day. Each time you turn the mouthpiece on, it will stay on for 8 minutes. After 8 minutes is up, you take the mouthpiece out and brush the whitening gel onto your teeth again. You then put the mouthpiece back in and turn it on for another 8 minutes. You repeat this process 4 times each day.

Using this teeth whitening kit is very easy. First you apply the Glo lip care to your lips. Next you use the g-vial to brush the whitening gel onto the teeth that are visible that you would like to whiten.

After that you put the mouthpiece in and hit the Glo button on the battery pack. The mouthpiece will warm and light up and do its magic for 8 minutes. Once the 8 minutes is up, you repeat the process again for a total of 4 times, or 32 minutes each day.

After you are done for the day, rinse your mouth and mouthpiece, and place the battery on the charging dock so it is ready for the next day.

It is advised you do this process for 5 days, and many customers report 5 or more shades whiter after just 3-5 days.

Here are some of the key benefits of the Glo Science Brilliant whitening kit

No Sensitivity – this is great for those who want bright white teeth, but cant handle the pain that most whitening products create.

Unique, Innovative, Cutting Edge Whitening Technology – the mouthpiece whitening system is one of a kind and includes leds and heating. This is an innovative, patent pending technology that you will not find in another whitening kit.

No Mess G-vial Applicator – applying the whitening gel could not be easier thanks to the brush tip g-vial. These allow you to keep the gel off of your gums, and allow you to get onto your entire tooth, even into the toughest creases between your teeth.

Nifty Travel Bag and Case – this is great for on the go whitening. Traveling for a wedding and want to ensure your teeth are white for the big day? No problem, pack your whitening kit into the travel bag and you are good to go with no loose parts floating around.

Fast Results – many report much whiter teeth after just one 5 day treatment cycle. You then have one more 5 day cycle to use at a later time when you want to whiten again.

Refills for Down the Road – once you buy the kit, you can use it forever. You just need to then purchase the g-vial refills, that’s it.

Overall this is a very nice and technological advanced teeth whitening kit. If you want white teeth, but hate the pain and sensitivity that other products come with, this just might be your life saver.

The system is very good looking and is easy to use. The up front cost is a little expensive, but once you have the kit, you just need to get the g-vials in the future. Also, it is important to point out, this is more than just whitening gel, you are paying for a innovative whitening technology here.

glo science before and after

Keep in mind, that when you are dealing with teeth whitening products, it is never a good idea to settle for the cheapest option, you get what you pay for.

Here are a couple reviews of those who have used the Glo Science teeth whitening kit…

glo science reviews


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Philips Zoom Whitening

zoom whitening

With over 10 million whitened smiles, this is one of the most popular teeth whitening kits out there.

This is the only whitening product on the market that contains amorphous calcium phosphate, which has been scientifically proven to reduce tooth sensitivity, protect your tooth’s enamel, and improve the smoothness of your teeth. This ingredient also plays a key role in keeping your teeth white after treatment, meaning that you will have your new pearly whites longer than you would with another whitening kit.

zoom before and after

This teeth whitening kit is the same kit that is sold by some dentists at a much higher price.

You get 9 syringes that each contain about 3 treatments, so a total of around 27 treatments. It is recommended that you use this for 20-30 minutes a day for 4-7 days, until your teeth are as white as you would like them.

Lets take a look at some of the benefits of this teeth whitening system.

Uses amorphous calcium phosphate – the only whitening kit on the market to use this. As we mentioned, it has many benefits such as reducing sensitivity, protecting enamel, improving smoothness, and prolonging the whiteness of your teeth.

Short application and usage time – you only need to apply this for 20-30 minutes a day for 4-7 days. Some people notice a big difference after just one day.

Cheap price for professional results – not only is this sold by many dentists at a much higher price, it is also used by many dentists on their own teeth. In most cases, the results are as if your teeth were professionally whitened, so the price tag is pretty fair when compared to in office whitening.

Long lasting results – due to its ingredients, this whitening kit tends to provide longer lasting results than others, meaning that you will need to use it and purchase it less frequently than others.

Easy to use – this kit is very easy to use. Using the syringe, eject one small dot into the mouth tray where each tooth will be, and that’s it.

zoom whitening 2

Something to keep in mind is that this is a very powerful whitening kit. Some have pointed out tooth sensitivity due to its power, and therefore recommend skipping days in between treatments.

Important Note: This product is to be used with mouth trays. It does not come with mouth trays, so you will want to get mouth trays like this, or have your dentist professionally make some for you.

Here are a few comments from those who have used the Philips Zoom Whitening kit…

zoom reviews

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Now that we have provided you with 3 great solutions to whiten your teeth, here are a few of the most common causes of stained teeth.  It is important to be aware of these so that you can keep your teeth as white as possible for as long as possible.

Why you Need to Consider using an at Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Here we are going to discuss some of the most common reasons your teeth become stained, leading to the need for a solid teeth whitening kit.

Some might find this surprising, but a number of items in your morning ritual are probably causing your teeth to become stained, as well as common foods you are eating.

Your beloved latte or morning coffee is in all probability, one of the main culprits to your stained teeth.

Cola, the go to thirst quencher and favorite drink of many contains high acidic levels, and also has chromogen which can darken teeth.

Did You Know:  most carbonated beverages that we consume have about the same acidity as battery acid?

That is pretty crazy, and it is a good idea to try to cut back on some of these drinks.

Red wine for you wine drinkers out there, is also a major contributor to stained teeth.

Certain sauces also have a high amount of acidic content and contribute to your stained teeth.

And soy sauce thanks to its darker color is the worst!  Also, tomato sauce and curry sauce are also not recommended if you are struggling with dark teeth stains.

Likewise, berries including blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, are also very acidic and can leave a “lasting impression” on your teeth.

Another problem are sweets, especially the sticky type are very damaging to your teeth. No doubt you have heard this one before, but it is really important.

All those stories that our dentists and parents told us?  They weren’t trying to scare us; sweets really are some of the worst culprits when it comes to teeth stains, as well as other tooth issues.

Finally, as you have probably heard, tobacco products are a major cause of stained teeth.  Whether it be cigarettes or chewing tobacco, they both can do some serious staining with long term usage.

It is best to try to cut down on the consumption of all of the above drinks and foods.  If cutting down is too hard, then it is a good idea to brush your teeth or eat crunchy vegetables after consuming any of the above items.  This will ensure you are getting most of the acid and other staining properties off of your teeth so that they can remain white for as long as possible.

How your Every Day Life can Benefit From using one of the Teeth Whitening Kits we Reviewed Above

whitening kit for yellow teeth

Often times your smile is the first thing people see or notice about you.  Your teeth and smile is essentially your own personal billboard to the rest of the world.  Have you ever noticed when you are talking to someone, often times they will be staring at your mouth/teeth rather than into your eyes.

It is a simple fact that people want to get closer to and build a relationship with those who appear to be well taken care of.  The condition of your teeth tell others a lot about who you are and how you take care of yourself.

If you teeth are yellow and stained, it is going to appear to others that you do not take good care of your teeth.  If you cannot take good care of your teeth, then others may also assume there are other areas of your body or life that you may not take good care of or really care about.

They may assume since you do not take care of your teeth that your home may be messy and dirty.  They may assume your hygiene in others areas of you body may be bad.  They may assume you smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, when in reality you do not smoke at all.

So when you flash that yellow smile, you are really giving others the opportunity to make a personal judgement about how you live as a person.

Not to mention that those who have stained teeth often have some self confidence and insecurity issues due to this, which is also working against your favor.

The two largest areas this has an impact are in your dating life as well as your professional life.  If you have a dingy stained smile, it is going to be a harder sell to land a date with or get promoted to the regional sales manage position you have been working towards.

These are a few reasons why it is extremely important that you have your teeth shining bright white and very nice looking.  This can be achieve by using on of the at home teeth whitening kits we reviewed above.

By using one of those kits, you are going to be able to remove years of stains and make sure your smile is one to remember.  This is going to increase your confidence, make you want to smile more, and let people know that you care about what you look like and take great care of your pearly whites.

So do yourself a favor and grab one of the whitening kits above so that you can land the next hot date or that dream job you have been working towards.

The Verdict

As you now know, having white teeth and a nice smile is much more than just having white teeth and a nice smile.  There are so many more benefits than just having white teeth.

With all of the junk and knock off products out there, whitening your teeth can be tricky.  This is the exact reason we spent hours upon hours doing research in order to put together this in depth review of the best teeth whitening kits on the market today.

Our #1 pick is the Whiter Smile Labs teeth whitening kit, however if your teeth are very sensitive, then you might want to go with the Glo Science whitening kit.  If you already have a molded mouth piece, then you might want to go with the Philips whitening kit.

Either way, if you choose one of the teeth whitening kits we discussed, you can be assured you will be getting a quality product as you can see by the reviews from those who have used these kits.

perfect white smile

Figure out which kit is the best for you and start working on that personal billboard also known as your teeth/smile so that you can show the world how proud you are of your pearly white smile!


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