5 Foods that are Bad for your Teeth – Read Before Consuming

5 foods bad for your teeth
Keeping your teeth white and cavity free all starts with what you put into your mouth. Nothing gives a better first impression than a nice bright white, healthy looking smile. Your smile is often the first thing people see and remember about you, so it is important that you have one that is stunning.

With teeth whitening becoming more and more popular, it is not just about keeping your teeth cavity free any more. You also need to make sure your teeth are nice and white.

Why Healthy White Teeth are Important

Competition in the workforce and the dating scene is getting tougher every single day, and believe it or not, the condition of your teeth is going to play a large role in you landing that dream job or that model like significant other that makes you feel like you are on top of the world.

Ask yourself these two questions…

If you were the interviewer, would you hire someone who has a bright white perfect smile, or would you hire someone with a dingy, yellow, and stained smile?

If you were going on two dates, would you prefer the person to have a nice white and healthy looking smile, or would you prefer someone with a smile that looks like they just bit into a stick of butter?

It is pretty obvious that the nice white smile wins in both scenarios.

Nice teeth and a great smile play a huge role in both your professional and dating life.

You need to think of you smile as your personal billboard to the rest of the world, because that is essentially what it is. You are showing the world that you either take very good care of your teeth, or you are showing them that you really do not care about your teeth and appearance.

smile billboard

Chances are the judgment from just your teeth are going to go further than just thoughts about your teeth. A bright white smile shows you take care of yourself and are more than likely a clean person all around. A yellow smile shows that you do not really take good care of your teeth, and more than likely are more of a sloppy person all around.

As you can see, your teeth tell someone a lot about you, so why not keep them in tip top shape.

It all starts with what you eat. We are going to discuss 5 foods that you should cut down on and try to avoid as much as possible.

We will also tell you why you should avoid these food and the possible harm they can cause to those pearly whites.

Here we go…

5 Foods that are Ruining your Teeth

Foods that Contain High Acidic Content

Foods that are high in acid absolutely reek havoc on your teeth, and do so in many ways. When you eat foods that are high in acid, the acid sits on your teeth and goes to work.

This acid has the ability to eat through your tooth’s enamel, especially if you eat or drink these foods every day. This is called acid erosion, and can eventually lead to tooth decay. Once the acid eats through the enamel, this then exposed your tooth’s dentin. In return, this will cause your teeth to become sensitive.

Other than erosion and decay, eating foods high in acid will also cause your teeth to become discolored and stained.

Here are some foods that are high in acid that you need to be conscious of consuming.

Fruits like lemons, oranges, grapefruit, cherries, grapes, and cranberries.

Tomato based products like sauce, tomato soup, ketchup, salsa, and tomato juice etc.

Coffee and wine

Sodas, carbonated, and sweetened beverages


Fruit juices

soda and teeth

What you can do to cut down the effects of high acid foods

Here are a few tips to help fight against the acid battle.

When eating foods that contain a high acidic level, make sure you are eating them along side foods that have a higher PH level aka foods that are low in acid. This helps remove and combat the acid in your mouth. Some good choices are: oatmeal, apples, brown rice, most vegetables, eggs, milk etc.

It is also a good idea to make sure when you are eating foods high in acid to drink water along side eating them. This allows you to wash away most of the acid from you mouth, meaning it will not sit on your teeth for hours doing damage.

Brush your teeth after eating foods that are high in acid. However, you should not brush them immediately after eating them. This is because the acid weakens and softens your enamel. Brushing right after eating these foods will actually help and increase the wear on your enamel. Instead you should wait a little bit until the enamel has time to settle and then brush.

Refined Carbs and Starchy Foods

These are things like pasta, potatoes, and potato chips. These types of foods easily become stuck in between your teeth and in any creases.

These foods might not seem harmful, but starches immediately turn into sugar once they hit your mouth. This is caused by enzymes in your mouth and is part of the pre digestion process, which begins in your mouth. So essentially after eating these foods, you are left with sugar sitting in between your teeth.

In your mouth is acid producing bacteria that feeds on carbs. This in return leads to tooth decay from this acid.

And because these types of foods tend to stick to and between your teeth very well, this process of acid feeding on carbs is present for long periods of time, which is a disaster for your teeth.

You can prevent this by eating crunchy vegetables along side your staches. This allows the vegetables to act as a scrub and remove a good portion of the starches from your teeth. It is also a good idea to floss, whether it be string flossing or water flossing, as well as flush your mouth with water after eating these foods.

Foods and Candy that are Hard

This is pretty much common sense, and many of us have been hearing this from our parents since we popped that first lollipop in our mouth. “Do not chew on that, it will hurt your teeth”.

Yes, your tooth’s enamel is hard and pretty tough, but constantly chewing on things that are hard can weaken your enamel and eventually wear down to your dentin. On top of that there is always the risk of chipping your teeth.

Hard foods that are commonly chewed on are things like lollipops and other hard candy, ice cubes, uncooked pastas, popcorn kernels etc…

In order to prevent this unnecessary wearing of your enamel, just use common sense and avoid biting and chewing on things that are hard, because over time, they can really do some damage. It might be a slow gradual degrading of your teeth, but once the damage is done, it can be very painful and expensive to correct.

Foods that are Highly Pigmented

This includes foods and drinks like berries, red wine, coffee, tea, pasta sauces, curry, balsamic vinegar etc.

These types of foods are highly pigmented and contain properties that can really stain you teeth if consumed on a regular basis.

Your tooth’s enamel contains tiny micro pits, cracks, and ridges which harbors these dark pigmented food and beverages.

If not rinsed, your teeth will absorb these dark pigments, causing them to become more and more stained the longer you continue to consume them without rinse your mouth.

In order to prevent your teeth from staining, it is a good idea to consume non pigmented foods as well as vegetables along side them. Another great way to rinse away the staining properties is to consume water while eating these.

A good tip for drinking highly pigmented beverages is to drink them through a straw. This way the liquid get to your tongue and down your throat without coming into contact with the front of your teeth. This make a large difference over time.

Canned Fruits

Canned fruits are bad for your teeth in several ways. The first is that they often contain boatloads of added sugar. Often times these fruits are canned in a thick sugar rich syrup that has the ability to give even the best teeth cavities if eaten on a regular basis.

On top of that, most are very high in acid, which we have already discussed above.

So, not only can canned fruit cause plenty of cavities, it can also wear away your enamel, causing your teeth to become stained and sensitive.

In order to prevent this, ditch the syrup soaked fruit and just stick with fresh fruits.

There you have it, 5 types of foods you should try to cut back on in order to keep your teeth in great shape.

If the damage has already been done and your teeth are stained, you can check out our review on the best teeth whitening strips on the market today.

If you are not a fan of strips, you might want to go with a professional grade at home teeth whitening kit.

You can also opt for a natural solution and whiten your teeth from home using ingredients found right in your own kitchen.

As we become older, it is important that we take good care of our teeth and pay attention to what we are eating on a daily basis. Remember, brush after eating, drink water, and try to eliminate some of the foods we talked about above.

Your smile tells everyone around you a lot about you, so make a lasting impression!

5 Foods that are Bad for your Teeth - Read Before Consuming
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5 Foods that are Bad for your Teeth - Read Before Consuming
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