Foods that You Must Eat for Healthier Teeth

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Healthy teeth are a sign of good personal hygiene, and they send a message to the world that you are someone who takes care of yourself. This tells others that you are a responsible person who cares about your appearance and well being.

The condition of your teeth play a big role in everyday life. Things like job interviews, job promotions, your dating life, etc, may depend on the health of your teeth.

Imagine this …

If you had a pick of your choice when it comes to a dating partner, would you pick someone who has a flawless smile and appears to clearly take care of their teeth, or would you pick someone who has stained, gritty, and cavity filled teeth?

I think the answer is obvious.  You want someone with healthy looking teeth!

Well, the truth is, employers take this into consideration as well. You are more likely to land that dream job or get that big promotion if you have teeth that are well taken care of as opposed to teeth that are hard to look at.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

There are many things you can do on a daily basis to ensure your teeth are in the best possible condition. Some of the obvious things are properly brushing them twice a day, flossing once a day, avoiding tobacco products, and going to the dentist for regular cleanings.

However, there are also some other things you can do that may not be as obvious or thought of as helping your teeth.

This has to do with the foods you eat, and as the saying goes, you are what you eat.

Avoiding foods and drinks that are sugary and acidic will obviously help, but today we are going to talk about a few foods you should be eating in order to improve the health of your teeth.

Foods to Eat for Healthier Teeth

Here are some of the best foods for healthier teeth.


Eating cheese increases the PH level in your mouth.

Cheese – Scientific studies have shown that eating cheese improves the enamel on your teeth. This is because of the protein, calcium, and nutrients that are found in cheese.

Also, cheese increases the PH level in your mouth, which in return will lower the possibility of tooth decay.

Celery – Eating celery, like any other hard and crunchy vegetable, acts like a toothbrush in that it scrapes away unwanted bacteria and debris.

Celery is also good for your gum health, which by the way is the foundation of healthy teeth.

It is good for your gums because it is a good source of Vitamin A, C, as well as antioxidants, all which work to make your gums much healthier.

Milk – It does the body good! And teeth as well …

Drinking milk has the ability to lower the acid levels in your mouth. This acid is created by plaque, which obviously is not good and can eventually lead to Gingivitis, gum disease and tooth decay.

It is especially good to drink a glass of milk after eating something sweet, like your favorite dessert. This will lower the acid in your mouth better than any other drink.

Cranberries – Studies have shown that eating cranberries can lower your chances of getting cavities.

This is because they contain polyphenols, which work to remove and keep plaque from clinging to your teeth an eventually forming gum disease.

Apples – As with the crunchy vegetables, apples also act as a toothbrush in that they scrape away unwanted debris and bacteria’s.

Apples also contain a decent amount of antioxidants which also work to eliminate the bacteria in your mouth.

strawberriesStrawberries – Strawberries are filled with antioxidants, vitamin C, and malic acid.

Another cool thing about strawberries, is that they are a natural teeth whitener, so not only will they make your overall mouth healthier, they will also naturally whiten your teeth.

Salmon – Eating salmon will provide your body with a good amount of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays an important role in your body in that it allows your body to better absorb calcium. And as you know by now, calcium is very important for your teeth.

So this means that by eating fish like salmon, you are enabling your body to better absorb calcium, resulting in healthier teeth.

Pretty cool huh?

Ok, there is a good list to get you started. If possible, you should try to start including as many of these types of foods as possible into your diet on a regular basis.

It won’t take long to notice the positive effects that they have on the overall health of your mouth, especially if your current diet includes a lot of sugary foods and other foods that are really unhealthy for your teeth and gums.

Keeping Your Teeth White

A nice bright white smile shows the world that you take good care of your teeth.  A lot of people cringe at the thought of teeth whitening, whether it be due to cost, or due to potential harm from chemicals.

Well, the truth is, you do not need to spend a lot to get white teeth.  You can choose from some of the best teeth whitening strips on the market, or grab a high quality at home teeth whitening kit, and get the same results as if you went to the dentist and go them professionally whitened.

If you are a little skeptical due to the chemicals used, then consult with your dentist first.

Foods that You Must Eat for Healthier Teeth
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Foods that You Must Eat for Healthier Teeth
Having healthy teeth plays a big role in everyday life from employment to dating.  There are certain foods you can eat to ensure your teeth are in good shape.
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