How a Bright White Smile Can Help Your Professional Career and Dating Life

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Having a bright white smile can change your life. Really! It is amazing what white teeth can do for your professional and dating life. First off, it can make you look younger than your actual age. That’s five years off your real age. So, you’re 38? You can actually appear like a gorgeous 33-year-old by just getting your teeth whitened.

Mona Lisa became quite famous for her smile. Imagine how famous she’d be if Da Vinci painted her with yellow rotting teeth! In a study conducted by Andrew Newberg, it was discovered that a smile triggers the highest positive reaction from other people. Smiling fires up the reward mechanism of the brain.

The mere act of smiling and receiving a smile can trigger the same happy response that exercising can create. In short, your brain feels happy when you smile. You can liken the happiness to receiving $23,000 for free!

There are many aesthetic dentistry services that you can avail of. Teeth whitening, however, is the one of the most affordable procedures. Each session usually lasts 30-60 minutes and you will probably need to go a few times. Not surprisingly, it’s one of the most popular dentistry procedures. Let’s face it. People with gorgeous white smile tend to draw people in.

A bright smile is a favorable physical attribute. Your teeth can make or break your appearance. However, your smile goes beyond that concept because there are so many benefits that you will enjoy when you have a bright white smile.

With so many high quality teeth whitening products on the market today, there really is no excuse not to be rocking some pearly whites.

A Bright Smile Can Improve Your Professional Life

professional life Your smile can play a huge part in getting a new job or your dream job. A whiter set of teeth can make you look more employable, attractive, younger, and successful. More and more people are visiting their dentists to get their teeth whitened or learning how to whiten their teeth at home. Many of these people are actively seeking a celebrity-white smile.

Bright shiny teeth have become a symbol of wealth and social status. They create the impression that the person with beautiful white teeth holds a university degree or has completed a private institution education.

Oral-B conducted a study on the effects of white teeth. They discovered that a whiter set of teeth could make you look five years younger and more attractive by at least 20 percent. Many people think that they need lots of money and the fountain of youth to improve their lives. You don’t have to own millions in cash. You don’t have to scour the world for that elusive fountain.

You can make more friends, and you can make yourself look noticeably younger without needing plastic surgeries. You only need to get yourself a brighter and whiter smile. Turns out, that’s all you need to give yourself an edge. A new smile can significantly improve your life socially and professionally.

The truth is – looks do matter. Your appearance can affect how people would perceive you. People can be very quick with their judgments. Having a healthy smile can give you the edge and help you get ahead.

Apply for a job, and you will likely get noticed. Request a promotion, and your engaging, beautiful smile would probably help you secure the position. Still not convinced? Think about it:

You’re a realtor or salesperson. Will you be engaging, persuasive, disarming and likable if you’re too tight lipped and self-conscious because of your teeth? Well, not likely. It’s hard to be confident when you’re embarrassed to show your teeth.

You’re a makeup artist or a hairstylist, and people come to you to make them look and feel good about their appearance. How would they react to you if they see yellowed, stained teeth? And how would they respond to you if they see your beautiful pearly-white teeth?

If you have an upcoming interview, there are ways to whiten your teeth fast which will allow you to walk in with a great smile and deliver a good first impression.

Yes, your smile can make or break you. It’s your calling card. It’s your invitation to the world to come to you. Healthy teeth give the impression that your appearance matters to you. It tells the world that you can take care of yourself. It is incredibly easy to achieve a healthy smile.

If your problem is aging stained teeth, you only need to visit your dentist and get your teeth professionally cleaned and whitened. The effects are long lasting. The procedure is fast and easy. If money is a little tight, then you can looking into other teeth whitening methods such as teeth whitening strips, kits, or DIY remedies to achieve your bright white smile.

Your wardrobe can impress people. Your clothes represent you. Driving a fancy car can give the impression of wealth. Just like your clothes or your car, your smile represents who you are. You carry it with at all times, so you have to make sure that you can always give the best impression.

Take care of your teeth, and give yourself an edge over your peers.

A Healthy White Smile Can Improve Your Dating Life

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Are you struggling to find the love of your life? Are you having no success in your dating life? Perhaps, you’ve considered and weighed all the reasons why, but you can’t figure out why. Have you considered that maybe it’s just your teeth?

It really may just be your teeth. You can be incredibly gorgeous. You can be filthy rich. You can be a lawyer or a doctor, but if you go around with stained teeth, you won’t likely go far with anybody. You will probably get shut down no matter how original your pickup line is.

In a study conducted by, they’ve discovered that “a beautiful smile” is often listed as one of the most desirable physical traits in a partner. So, if you are going to post a picture with poorly spaced, crooked, stained teeth, you won’t likely attract anyone. A bad smile is an immediate turnoff.

You need to make a good impression. Having a warm, friendly smile isn’t enough. It won’t register when all people can see are your sad, yellowing teeth. In the same study conducted by Match.Com, they’ve discovered that 71% of women judge their dates by their smile or teeth, and 58% of men do the same thing.

Needless to say, an ugly smile won’t get you anywhere. No matter how beautiful or handsome you look, your ugly or stained smile will repel a potential partner. Yes, a person’s attitude matters. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people are judged by their physical appearance. Your looks matter.

It is only after you’ve attracted a potential partner with your appearance that you can get them to like you more with your personality and intelligence. You need to make a great first impression before you can get someone interested in getting to know you more. A beautiful smile can help you get there.

It’s not just the appearance of a decayed stained smile that discourages people from dating you. It’s the impression people get from the ugly smile. Well, if you have decayed or damaged teeth, it would look like that you don’t’ really care to make yourself presentable. The people that you’d meet will likely think that you are lazy or that personal hygiene doesn’t matter to you.

On the other hand, if you have a beautiful, straight and white smile, you will come across as healthier, smarter, and approachable. Your smile tells people, “My appearance matter to me. I take the time to take care of myself and my health. I want to present myself to people in the best way possible.”

A Beautiful Bright Smile Can Improve Your Self-Confidence or Self-Esteem

self esteem

Perhaps, you’ve seen this show where they gather people with severely damaged teeth and give them a new set of teeth. Your teeth can do a number on your self-esteem. You will likely shy away from the crowd, refuse to attend parties, and avoid talking to people when you have ugly rotting teeth.

The emotional and psychological impact is immense. Your teeth can affect how you’d live your life. You will feel embarrassed to smile when your teeth are stained or crooked.

On the other hand, it is amazing what a beautiful smile can do for your self-esteem. You won’t shy away from talking to people. You can go to the Farmer’s Market and chat away the afternoon with a local farmer.

You can go to an art gallery and talk to a complete stranger about impressionism and pointillism. You can go to a club with friends and have the confidence to approach the most beautiful woman in the room – just to talk to her.

Indeed, a bright white smile can do wonders for your life.

How a Bright White Smile Can Help Your Professional Career and Dating Life
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How a Bright White Smile Can Help Your Professional Career and Dating Life
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